About me

Hi there! My name is Oleg Zaicev.

I am a destination wedding  photographer. I travel a lot and I am always ready to book a flight for your celebration.

What can I offer you as a photographer? The most precious gift I can provide is my unique perspective of you. While I can certainly capture timeless shots like “We are in Paris” or “We are married” those are just the beginning of the narrative. What truly sets me apart is my ability to share a part of myself — my outlook and understanding of you. Drawing from my wealth of experience (more than 10 years), refined taste, and vision, I channel these qualities into each individual or couple, tailoring them to your emotions, the ambiance of the day, and the location we’re in. I’m not aiming to produce mere photographs for recollection, something a smartphone can accomplish. My aim is to encapsulate the essence of the moment, the emotions within it, all crafted into a work of art. These photos will immerse you in the atmosphere, telling your personal story through visual narratives. Rather than altering appearances through Photoshop, I offer you my passion for my craft and a secure space to relish your significant moments. Falling in love with each client is a profound and beautiful process. Each of you possesses a distinctiveness that makes our connection fated. This encapsulates the ethos of my photography and my signature style, serving as a beacon to attract clients who resonate with my approach. My mission is to find the perfect synergy!

About me. Wedding photographer Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Poland Oleg Zaicev

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